Lockdowns and restrictions do not mean you can’t make your partner feel special.

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Some days can really feel like we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with what we can do to fill our time. Days merge together and before you know it, 12:00pm becomes the norm for rolling out of bed.

You can barely think of what you can do on the weekend, let alone the 2-weeks of annual leave your boss is forcing you to take before they get removed in the new financial year. Now you have to think of a Valentine’s Day idea for your significant other?

Ugh… surely this is the best time to click checkout on her…

My birthday poem to you.

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Eleven months of separation

Nothing but an aching heart

What else is in my control

To keep us from drifting apart

It is hard not to be doubtful

Of the dream and reality we paint

Will distance one day disappear

Without even the next reunion date?

Only the wind howls and trees tremble

No signs of warmth in today’s morning

Darkness in the sky

Here come the Winter weeks

The thought of you here

Our legs entwined in the sheets

I guess this is what it must feel like

To have a dream after a dream

Instead our reality


It doesn’t define who you two are, now.

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Within my social network, no couple comes to mind which represents the high-school sweetheart love story. With rapid societal shifts, people are choosing to work long, and with that, relationships are changing, too.

Yet, we cannot deny that stubborn, slow-burning ember within us which acknowledges the innocence and… beauty of finding a relationship where you are each other’s first love. Perhaps not for religious reasons, but to desire what our grandparents had, some of us are driven to seek that one person who they can grow old together early on.

Among other factors, greater work opportunities and rising living costs…

Your time is precious. It is time you audited it.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an early bird fuelled with energy at 05:00, or a midnight oil burner who hustles well into the early morning hours — if productivity and personal development matter to you, then so should time.

To get serious with daily objectives, it is critical that you formulate a plan of action. Given our current global pandemic, days can merge together and before long, weeks have gone by. I mean, we’re already at the end of January 2021!?

I want to share with you two scheduling techniques that I have found to be highly effective, and…

It’s neither. You’re doing it for what you are, together.

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As your relationship matures, you and your partner cannot escape the challenges and obstacles that come with being together — and I don’t mean delegating the lead operator for bin duties, or the toilet roll inventory manager. If you want your relationship to have a future, you can no longer live selfishly and must consider what sacrifices are necessary for its continuation. Both sides do.

But a decision doesn’t have to be for you, or them, entirely. It isn’t a binary fork-road dilemma. And it should never be. Here’s why.

‘I did this for you’

Right away, encapsulating a decision…

Forgiving someone frees you from their negativity.

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Videographer and YouTuber Casey Neistat and his wife Candice hosted a podcast a few years back called ‘Couples Therapy’ to discuss — yep, you guessed it — relationships. In one episode, Casey’s perspective on a taboo topic really stuck with me and I have since adapted this to approach other similar hurdles in life.

The couple discussed what they would do if they caught their significant other cheating.

On the surface level, this question may seem a little… silly. Clearly hearing the news about our loved one committing adultery would cause even the calmest of us into an emotional rollercoaster!

Promoting individual growth is what strengthens a relationship.

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We each have our own definition of work. Underpinned by the values and responsibilities that have come to shape us as people, we almost instantly sense when a particular job doesn’t sit right.

I have friends who accept monthly burnouts as part of their roles in exchange for a higher salary and another step up the corporate ladder. Yet, within the same cohort from university, I know others who actively seek jobs in non-government organisations — infamous for low pay but rewarding for their contribution to tackle societal issues.

You may have found your perfect job. Perhaps one that offers…

and all the beauties that come with being with your loved one

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Excitement wasn’t an emotion I allowed myself to feel as the days reached single digits before I was finally reunited with my girlfriend. I had not seen her in nearly eleven months.

‘You must be over the moon!’

‘I bet you two can’t wait!’

- The voices of loved ones and work colleagues would shriek.

‘Yeah, it’s going to be great!’

- I’d mutter under an artificial grin.

The two-and-a-half-hour drive to the airport felt calm, composed. …

Can money be enough to keep you where you are?

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It is fascinating to identify the new woes and worries that come at a significant chapter of your life. Almost like a checkpoint, the border officer stamps our passport and wishes us good luck.

As kids, making friends and fitting in were at the centre of our universe. Those teen years are filled with awkward hairstyles and clothing as that period simultaneously becomes ‘not cool’ anymore for letting your parents choose your outfits.

What’s the insecurity I face now that I am on my career path, two years after graduation…

With the pandemic, the value of internships has gone up. But that also means so has competition.

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They come in all shapes and sizes. Some you pay for, some pay you. You can get long-term ones, or one-week stints. Whatever the form, university students are all over them. You guessed it: internships.

These work experience placements carry a particular prestige with them that even an unpaid or voluntary label cannot taint. As you’re surrounded by peers of the same institution, internships are the next tangible attainment that separates you from the rest, projecting your desirability in the work place.


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